About the Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders

The Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders is the Stockholm County Council's clinic for specialized care for substance use disorders.

Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders is the specialized addiction care organization of the Stockholm Region and part of the national health service, NHS. We provide treatment and support to individuals who are dependent on or have problems related to alcohol, street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs or gambling for money. We have the country’s widest range of addiction care units and a high level of medical expertise gathered under the same roof.

We are certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System).

About the clinic

We have over 50 clinics throughout the county, providing both emergency and 24-hour care, local patient care, as well as highly specialized care. We also offer online treatment and anonymous support through our helplines. We help nearly 1000 people every day to change their lives.

Emergency and 24-Hour Care

We have two emergency units, one for adults over 18 years old and one for young individuals up to 20 years old. The clinics are open 24/7 all year-round. Patients who require emergency care due to severe intoxication get treated here. Those who need to be cared for over a longer period of time are admitted to the 24-hour care facility. Often, patients have complex medical conditions that require both psychiatric and somatic care.

Outpatient care

We cover the entire Stockholm County. All individuals with issues related to alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, or gambling are welcome to us. This
includes both short-term and long-term treatment. Most clinics collaborate closely with the municipality and social services.

Highly Specialized Care

Within our specialized care, we provide advanced care in areas such
as pain rehabilitation, care for victims of sexual abuse, and medication-
assisted treatment of opioid dependence (MAT).

Treatment online

To give treatment online is part of the care we provide. Individuals can easily seek help themselves through 1177 or Alltid öppet. Examples of programs available are: the Alcohol Program, Cannabis Program, Gambling Program, and Program for close Relatives.

Maria Ungdom: Treatment for youth and young adults

For individuals up to 25 years old, we offer specialized care. We provide emergency and 24-hour care, a sexual and family planning health clinic, as well as several local clinics called Mini Maria, in collaboration with the respective municipality. There are also clinics specifically tailored to young adults, such as the Lifestyle Clinics and Järva Youth.

Anonymous Support Hotlines

Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders operates the national support hotlines Alkoholhjälpen (Alcohol Help), Alkohollinjen (Alcohol Line), and Droghjälpen (Drug Help). People from across the country can reach out to get anonymous support and advice. You can contact the hotline online or by telephone.

A university clinic

Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders is a university clinic. That means our staff not only engages in clinical work but also conducts research projects and education. We also host medical students for training during their education. This creates a dynamic working environment that constantly challenges and develops our treatment methods and work processes.

Extensive network for collaboration

Our external network is just as important as the internal one. At our local clinics, our staff works closely with the municipality and council. We also collaborate with other stakeholders to help our patients to achieve their goals. Our network includes neighboring healthcare providers, social services, correctional facilities, employment services among others.

Our treatment offer

Example of treatments we provide

  • Detoxification
  • Medication therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Group therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Pain management
  • Relapse prevention

We have a holistic approach to health, and in addition to our treatments, we also offer mindfulness, yoga, and practising how to change an unwanted behaviour. We tailor our treatments and interventions based on each person’s unique circumstances, and we always consider the patient’s perspective in our work.

Low thresholds and high accessibility

Our aim is to make help-seeking easy, and that every person can get help in the level and way that suits them. We always strive towards low thresholds, high accessibility and to offering numerous pathways to medical care and support.

We have a motto that reads ”We never say no”, meaning that we will always welcome someone who seeks our help. We will assist them within our expertise, and refer them to another institution if needed.

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